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Seven Days

Title - Seven Days
Pairing - JongKey
Summary - If someone told me I was going to fall in love in seven days, I would have laugh then maybe shot them for fun. Until I met the newest arrival and my heart took a 180.
AU - This takes place before Taemin's awakening in Reboot - Restart - Reborn. So it can be like a prequel. It does have some spoilers for the story since I haven't posted much besides the prologue. Each day is about 500 words or more and are a bit OOC. (No Beta, sorry.)

Day 1 – You look like a girl.

I realized that with boredom, I’m more dangerous. I carry one handgun and no extra ammo. I take a spin on my bike without a helmet just for the fun of it. Sometimes I’ll even go back to the Center where we were kept and made. Today I did all those things because the little monster had taken a permanent residence with me. Onew was with Yoochun and Junsu working and Minho was with his girlfriend.

 My boots echoed in the large place as I walked through it, my hand resting on the handgun strapped around my right thigh just in case. Soon, I was outside of the Lucifer doors. I picked the older one, deciding he might be more instead of the younger. The doors opened as I tapped in the code at its hidden lock and entered silently.

 The figure on the chair would always memorize me and I couldn’t help but stare. With those muscles, nice tan, and cute lips, anyone would have done the same thing. I let a shiver run down my spine as I took off my riding jacket and moved to the silent guy. He looked like he was sleeping peacefully instead of being in a coma forced by the doctors. I reached out slowly and touch his cheek, letting my fingers graze over it lightly. If Onew knew that I did this, he would have smacked me for being an idiot.

 Suddenly, his heart monitor went crazy. I pulled away and walked to the several machines that kept this guy in a coma to check on everything. Words flashed across in red and I gulped loudly. He’s going to wake up?! I thought and looked back to him. Already were sure signs of it. I realized I needed to call Onew to get a car over here to transport him since my bike might not work.

 Running over to my jacket, I knelt down and grabbed my earpiece to slip it in. I clicked on its side button, keeping my back to the Lucifer that was waking up.

 “Onew?” I asked, waiting for a reply.

 “Key, not now. I can’t talk, alright? This can wait, I’m sure.” Click!

 He hung up on me. Onew, the stupid leader, hung up on me! I was boiling now, a volcano in the making when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and caught the lump of weight that fell into my lap. I instantly slid down to the floor with the other in my lap, his arms around my shoulders and mine around his waist. His tired eyes locked with mine and I could tell he had many questions and things to say. I leaned in as he muttered something.

 “You look like a girl,” He said before promptly passing out on me. Time stood still for me as my heart shattered with those words. I. . . Looked like a girl? I fingered my long hair that was style to cover one eye and had a few colorful highlights. With a gulp, I realized this hot guy was right.

 I looked like a girl.

Day 2 – Names and Target Practice.

 Now, let me assure you that I got my revenge for both of the idiots that ruin my day yesterday. Onew was easy. After I managed to bring “Jonghyun” home (I managed to find his file in the large place), I gave him to Onew and smacked him upside the head with the barrel of my gun. Headaches were only good if given by my weapons. After that was done, I quickly drove over to Jessica’s place and demanded a new style which the girl was happy to give until I told her what I wanted.

 A few hours later I walked out with half my hair cut short and platinum blond, the other dark and still long. Jessica helped me style the left side in an odd spike and gave me the gel for free. (Normally I have to give her a ride or something stupid.)

 When I entered our place again, I was glad to see Onew, Minho and our new Jonghyun shocked with my look. I just smirked and grabbed my weapons from the storage drawer and set up a target in the large living room. Minho sat down to watch, a smirk on his face. He and I had a running bet about how many kill strikes I could get. Cocking both guns, I got ready, deciding to shoot with one. The target you ask? An old statue that was in the mansion from Yoochun’s house.

 “So you’re Kibum?” A new voice asked and I glanced to where Jonghyun was off to the side. I took aim and shot above his brunette hair. He ducked quickly and looked at me in anger. I rolled my eyes before rearranging my line of sight.

 “It’s Key. Get it right or the next one goes into your skull,” I said loudly, firing off all of my rounds rapidly. Four kill shots and a few misses. I sighed and reloaded my gun, reaching for my second only to find it gone.

 I looked up and saw Jonghyun next to me, taking aim with it. His stance was good but it could use work. He glanced to me and I ran to the stature and turned her around so he had a clean stale then moved back to him. He fired a few shots off, the recoil knocking him back an inch.

 “It’s your stance,” I explained and moved behind him, trying to correct it when I realize the odd leather top totally exposed his back to me. I quickly did what I set out to do and motioned for him to try again. This time was better but not the best, like me. I coughed and took my children back, putting them in their separate holsters on my body. I made to walk away when he grabbed my wrist.

“Is what Onew said true? About the date? About me?” He asked, his eyes boring into mine. I sighed before switching my vision over, my eye screen coming online. I just nodded and pulled away as I realized he was staring in shock. The new ones were always hard to convince.

Day 3 – Sleepovers

 2 AM

 My clock was showing this little number and I had yet to fall asleep since I crawled into bed around midnight. My mind was in a whirlwind and I was about to put a bullet into it when I heard something outside my door. I sat up, listening hard when I heard it again. It sounded like movement, maybe footsteps. Slipping out of my bed, I pulled on some sweats before opening my door. The sight that greeted me was, dare I say it, cute.

 Jonghyun curled up across from my door in the hallway, asleep. I knelt down next to him and shook him away, about to tell him that his room was down the hall. That plan failed when he opened his eyes and latched onto me like I was a teddy bear.

“Damn!” I muttered, the curse slipping out in English by accident. His grip was tight, maybe too tight for my taste.

 “Jonghyun,” I whispered, trying to move my arms to push myself away, “Want to sleep in my bed?” I asked, deciding that was a better plan and we both get benefits. He nodded in his sleep and released me. I pulled him up, trying not to drool at the delicious chest in front of me since he was only in boxers. I lead him inside my room and closed the door with my foot before helping him onto my bed. I reached over to grab a pillow since I figure I could use the extra room for the last Lucifer.

 As if sensing my plan, I was suddenly under the covers and in Jonghyun’s grasp, my back to his chest with his arms around my chest and waist. I struggled to get free but his grip tightened and I realized I was truly stuck. I sighed and gave in, turning over in his embrace. I watched him sleep for a few moments before realizing this was actually comfortable, like it was meant to be or something. I soon drifted asleep myself.

 When I woke up, it was around nine in the morning and I was alone in my bed. I looked to my bathroom, hearing nothing but the silence that echoed in my own room. I sighed and plopped back down on my bed, a little disappointed. I wanted to at least see Jonghyun be awkward so I could tease him about it later but the guy already beat me to it. A knocking came at my door and I rolled over to face it, shouting for the person to come in.

 “Here,” Onew said, tossing me a small backpack, “You have to meet up with Junsu and do some delivery. I think you might even see Jaejoong if you get there before he leaves to go back to Japan.”

 “Yippee!” I exclaimed in mock sarcasm. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my hyungs but I thought I would at least to have a cup of coffee, read the paper and watched the birds. Then I remember that we live in a new era and are at war.

 By the time the end of the day rolls around, I’ve haven’t seen Jonghyun since this morning. I think the guy hates me now. Oh well.

Day 4 – Superman

 Let me you tell a few reasons why I hate the mechanics and the technology that was put into me. Sometimes it can be reset to weird settings with one hit if I’m not careful. That is the cause of my misfortune at this very moment. Some punks turn bounty hunters jumped me and sent my bike and me flying. I managed to escape from the wreckage without any major injuries when I realized my eye screen was messed up. My eyes were stuck in thermal and I couldn’t switch back. I looked up to the few guys running toward me.

 I booked it out of the crash site, tossing my helmet away and checking for my guns as I ran into the alleyway. I slid to a stop when I double-checked, cursing myself for not even having a knife on me. Voices filtered through the maze-like alleyways in the old city. Those three were getting close and I was stuck with bad vision, even if I knew how to use it. I quickly ducked down behind a dumpster, or I thought it was and peeked out to look at them.

 Huh? Two of them? I swore there were three. . . I trailed off in my thinking as I was lifted up and slammed into a wall. I was hoping that would knock my vision back to normal but it didn’t. The colorful face smirked at me and I grabbed his wrist, working on pulling it away. I saw his punch coming and I was ready but a new hand grabbed it. A sickening crack filled the air and my attacker screamed in pain before he dropped me to cradle his hand.

 I looked up to my savior when I felt a click in my neck and I swore in pain. Closing my eyes, I blinked a few times realizing my vision was back to normal. I looked up and saw Jonghyun there with a smirk dressed in all white, his arms showed off nicely in a tank top. “Need help?” He asked, pulling me up. I smiled and looked to the punks who were helping their friend.

 I jumped at them and they ran, quickly thinking that it wasn’t a good idea to mess with two of us now. “How did you know where I was?” I asked him, massaging my neck from where the attacker’s fingers were. He shrugged and pulled me out of the alleyway to face a beautiful silver car. I saw my weapons on the dashboard near the passenger seat.

 “I picked that up before coming to save you,” He explained, walking to it and leaning on the hood, legs crossed and hands in pockets. I rolled my eyes while crossing my own arms. “I didn’t need saving.”

 Jonghyun laughed before motioning toward the car with his heads. I could see the question formed in his eyes, never leaving his mouth. I just wondered if I should have it.

 “I’ll take that ride. But you own me food for hitting me in the back of the head.”

I ran over and climbed in, buckling up quickly before he had his door open. Once he was settled, we took off.

 To be honest, I like having a Superman around.

Day 5 – Questions and Fireworks.


 There were few times we used the house that was above our hideout. One of them included the annual fireworks that the New Seoul put on for the celebration of the war ending. We mentally celebrated it as our awakening. I was alone on the roof of the old house, curled up in my sleepwear as the color lights dazzled the night sky. Minho was with Amber, watching them no doubt from her place and Onew was downstairs working. Jonghyun hadn’t been seen all day. (I think he had to get a ‘check-up’ by Micky.)

 I shivered and rubbed my arms, trying to get heat to flow when a large leather jacket was wrapped around me. I looked to my right as Jonghyun sat beside me. I snuggled into the leather, glad to have something warm around me. I watched him gaze into the sky, smiling at his surprise on his face.

 “Those are fireworks right? Onew explained them but I couldn’t picture it right,” Jonghyun asked, glancing to me before scooting an inch closer. I nodded and looked back to the bright stars that went out quickly. Silence took over for a few minutes as we watch blues and reds with dazzling golds and bright purples light up the night sky. If I could see those everyday, it would be worth the fight to overthrow the government. I wanted my life to be bright and dazzling, filled with happiness but so far, it was stuck with pain and anger.

 “Why do you call yourself Key?” He asked, turning to face me fully.

 A laugh escaped me and I almost slid off the roof. It was kind of obvious to me but I guess he still needed help to understand. “Simple. I can break into any place when needed. Once in, I seem to own the place because I can unlock everything; all of its secrets are mine for the taking.”

 Yes, it was a lovely name but that didn’t explain Jonghyun laughing. He pulled me toward him, his arm around my shoulders as he finished his laugh. “You seem so artistic with that name. You sure you weren’t some sort of idol with it?” He asked me. I rolled my eyes, clearly showing that I was annoyed but inwardly, I was smiling. I laid my head onto his shoulder as the final firework went off.


 “Yes?” I asked, turning to him only to feel lips against mine. I thought my brain shut down. It was soft, just the simple brushing of lips. But it had meaning and when he pulled away, there was a question in his eyes. I stood up quickly, the jacket falling off my shoulders as I slid off the roof and down onto the balcony to get inside the house. I couldn’t think straight.

 Did I like him in that way? Did he like me or was it because of his earlier comment about my appearance? I went to bed with a large headache.

Day 6 – Fight and Flight

 The first words that greeted me in the morning were unpleasant, frightening, and alarming. To make matters worse, both Onew and Minho said it together, at first moment before I had my first sip of coffee.

“Jonghyun is missing.”

 Several ideas flew in my head as I cleaned up, changed, and fixed myself before stealing Jonghyun’s car. The fact that it was still at the hideout meant he was taken or left without it. I drove around, checking the streets. Old Seoul was filled with other beings like us along with normal people trying to survive. There were also several bars where he could be but he didn’t have money since our supplies came through Micky along with the cash and we haven’t had a new job in days.

 Parking the car outside of a local bar, I went inside, my guns strapped to my left hip and right thigh to show I was dangerous. I asked around, getting vague answers before over hearing a conversation about the guy behind the bar. My heart pounded as I ran to the same location I found Jonghyun slumped over with a few others lying down. I knelt down next to him, frowning at the fact he didn’t have a hint of alcohol on his breath.

 “Jonghyun?” I asked, lifting his face and noticing the cut on his left cheek. I opened his mouth for anything broken and spotted the sharper canines inside of his mouth. Why did he have the cool surgery? I thought before clearing my mind. I could complain later, Jonghyun was waking up.


“Key?” He asked, eyes struggling to focus. Once he did, I found myself wrapped tightly in his arms, pulled into his lap and his head buried in the crook of my neck.

 “Jonghyun! What happened?” I asked, glancing to the dead men (The body looked more damaged up close.) before fixing my gaze at him. He sighed and pushed me away, standing up and cracking his back. Clearly he wasn’t going to answer me.

 “Key . . . is it normal for me to have a headache?” He asked, hands grabbing the sides of his head. I shook my head and lead him to the car. Looks like we were going to doctor Micky Mouse. I got him in the car and pulled away, watching him fall asleep in the seat next to mine.

 Those guys look familiar. I thought. Keeping my body in check for driving, I shifted through my memory and pulled up a brightly colored thermo image. The image change to normal and it was my attackers form yesterday. Jonghyun was fighting them?

 I could ask him later; Right now, he needed to rest and get fixed up. I called Onew to tell him of my absence and that I would be at Yoochun’s till tomorrow afternoon. That would include the repairs and the time spent for Jonghyun to rest. I could catch on my hyungs as well; maybe get Junsu to talk about something other then soccer.

Day 7 – Three Words.

 I woke up to someone shaking my shoulder, a soft voice at my ear. I rolled over on the small couch, blinking away sleep. Yoochun was standing over me with a smile and I sat up quickly, alert. I could finally see Jonghyun! Yoochun kept him in that evil operation room of his all day yesterday and after that, I couldn’t see him. I wanted to talk about the other night, when we . . . yeah, let’s just leave it at that.

 I stood up, leaving my white vest and following Yoochun to another bedroom where Jonghyun was in. I was pushed in before the door close and locked. Jonghyun looked back from where he was changing and I couldn’t help but stare at him topless. He turned around and sat down, shirt forgotten and he motioned for me to sit next to him. I did what he said, not trusting myself with words to talk back. 

Once I was beside him, word vomit appeared quickly. “Why were you fighting those guys?” I asked, keeping my eyes glue to the floor and my hands clasped tightly together. It was silent for a moment when I felt someone pulling my hands apart and locking one with their own. I looked up at Jonghyun, catching his gentle smile.

 “Because they hurt you. Even if I’m still new to this world and what I’ve become, there is one thing I want to keep the same. This, “He lifted our intertwining hands, “Is worth protecting. Key, I think I -”

 I cut him off with a quick kiss, my other hand closing on the back of his neck. “You already told me with those words.” With a smile, I gave him another kiss and wanted to go a bit further when the door opened. We turned around heads to see Junsu and Yoochun, one happy and the other sad.

 “Junsu, I told you. Now pay up!” Yoochun held out his hand as I watched my other hyung handed over some cash to him. A small smile came to my lips as I stood up, my hand ghosting over my trusty gun. Junsu caught my action and gulped, raising his hands.

 Suddenly, I was pulled into Jonghyun’s lap and his mouth was at my ear. “Don’t. There are easier ways to get rid of them.” That got my full attention and I lean back, exposing my neck to his lips.

 “Like what?” I asked softly, biting back a small moan as I felt those special fangs of his nibble at my neck. He chuckled before turning me to face him; his other hand grabbed my gun and throwing it away. His eyes answered for him and soon our lips were locked. I pushed him onto the mattress, letting my hands explore greedily. The door slammed quickly and I sat up, straddling his hips.

 “Now what?” I asked.

 “Why don’t we just continue?” He answered with a smirk.

 I smiled before leaning down until we were a breath away. “No.” I got up quickly and snatched my gun off the floor before walking out with a strut in my step. Jonghyun was soon following, complaints rolling off his tongue.


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