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Reboot - Restart - Reborn (Prologue)

Title: Reboot, Restart, Reborn
Pairing: Minho x Taemin (2Min)
Author: Me.
Genre: Sci-Fi, AU, Slight OOC
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.
Summary:  Lee Taemin dies on June 10th of 2010. On August 13th of 2104, Lee Taemin is rebooted from being in a coma, his body and mind on are restarted, and his memories and personality reborn. What if you were kept alive for the sake of your government but forgotten later? What if your friends and your lover don't remember a thing? Oh, did I mention a war was still going on?
A/N: This hit me at 3:41 AM on Tuesday morning. I think the new MV for Lucifer helped caused this along with my love for some sci-fi books. So it's AU and characters might act strange.

Being backstage was always nerve-wracking to for any group. Even if we performed this song a hundred times, on various stages and places, I still would get nervous. Maybe it was just the rush of seeing our fans again and dancing my heart out because I loved it. Whatever the reason, I was extra jittery tonight. The other members even took notice to it, with Key being the first to comment.

 “Taemin,” He spoke to me, his gaze concerned and a bit of a smirk on his face, “Are you alright? We can’t have our little dancer getting cold feet.” He reached toward me and patted my shoulder as the stylist fixed some of his hair. He was really like a mother to us all.

 I nodded at him before looking in the mirror, taking in my appearance and checking it over. It was perfect; I couldn’t complain about it since our stylists were so good and I wasn’t one to complain about those things. I caught eye of Minho in the mirror and he walked up behind me, hand grasping my shoulders lightly before pulling away. That simple touch caused me to relax instantly and I turned in his grip to face him.

 Our eyes met again and he pulled me to sit on the couch with Jonghyun. The blonde smirked at us before looking to Key. Onew just rolled his eyes before going back to his cell phone. Our secret was safe and sound, neither the stylists nor our manager guessed that we had someone special in the group or out of it even when the signs were so obvious. I just laughed silently and grabbed Minho’s hand with my own, enjoying the warmth that radiated from it.

 Suddenly, we were called to the stage. I was ready for this; I knew we would go out there and have a great concert. But why did I have a sense of dread filling my body?

Get a hold of yourself, Taemin.

 I followed after the others, being last until Minho dropped back to be behind me.

“Hyung, you ready?” I asked him as we hurried to the stage. I received a nod and a smirk that sent shivers down my spine. Oh, tonight would be great indeed if my reading-between-the-lines skill was still intact.

 I flashed him a smile as we got on stage. The fans’ screams were loud and I gave them a smile too before getting into my position. I counted down for the music, already memorized how long it would take. The feeling of fear hit me again but I pushed it away, not waiting to shake and mess up. I concentrated on the numbers in my head and was happen when they were coming to an end.

 Three . . . Two . . . One.

 My world crashed with a boom and the world went white then black. I felt like I was floating in a sea of darkness when a bright light flooded the area ahead of me. I hurried toward it; hearing voices only to have it shine brighter. So bright that I thought I was blind and turned away, from it. The voices got quieter but the light still was so harsh and I sunk back further into the darkness. My eyes felt heavier and I let them close, my body falling out from under me. One name rolled in my mouth and managed to make it out before I was gone.

 “Minho . . .”

If only I knew that light was a better option then this. If only I knew that when I did go to it, nothing would be the same and I would be alone.

 I’m Lee Taemin and I died on June, 10th of 2010.

 Too bad that fact is also a lie.

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This is interesting, I wanna read more :) Updates soon~

I will.
Chapter one is being rewritten but the idea is in my head.
Thanks for reading and giving me a 'Star'

LOL I see and you're welcome :D

Okay, the beginning was really sweet with the secret 2min and all. And then... He died? But it was a lie?
I think I'm too blond to comprehend what's going on.
Anyway, this seems really interesting, continue soon~! I wanna know what happened!

Lol, no, you're not too blond. That would be my friend who helped me beta this a few times.
I'm rewriting chapter one and two so I'll update soon.

(cookies for you!)

another 2min story??O_O
must read..^^
the prologue really intrstng..>//<
cant wait for the upadte!!^^

Update coming soon.
Thanks for the read and for giving me a Star.
(And of course it's 2Min! ^_^)

this is intriguing,
please update soon ^^
cause 2min is awesome. ♥
okay? thanks ~

Yes, it is.
I'll spot, don't worry. ^_^
Thanks for another Star.

Oops, I read Chapter 1 first, then the Prologue. More stars for you! I wonder what happened while they were on stage :l, I have an idea, but I'm not sure...

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