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First Entry / Rant-ish

This is my first entry, and I hope to make more. I've been here for a bit, surfing around the site to try and get used to it. I'll have to update a few things about myself since I'm always learning or finding new interests. Not really new but something that is coming back into my heart is SuJu, Super Junior. 


Well, that sounded so formal.
Stupid finals and tests are getting to me. I can't want for summer or Comic Con 2010! Going back to California will be like going to a spa; refreshing. Hopefully I pass all my finals so I get the ''right'' to go. I really don't think my mom can stop me when I paid for my tickets and my plane tickets with my own money! Can't let those go to waste. . . I might be going as Sasuke from Naruto or Zero from Vampire Knight (Hopefully the former, I don't want to wear a wig or dye my hair! >.<). Then from there, off to the beach and Disney! I want to go hug Mickey even if it is someone in a costume. 

Soon, I'll post a fanfic or two. For now, I'll put my results to this little quiz my friend e-mailed to me.

Super Junior + You
Birthday (mm/dd) 
Favourite Food 
Favourite Colour 
Best Friend 
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