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Reboot - Restart - Reborn Chapter 1

Title: Reboot, Restart, Reborn
Pairing: Minho x Taemin (2Min) with sides of JongKey
Author: iNixChan
Genre: Sci-Fi, AU, Slight OOC
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.
Summary:  Lee Taemin dies on June 10th of 2010. On August 13th of 2104, Lee Taemin is rebooted from being in a coma, his body and mind are restarted, and his memories and personality reborn. What if you were kept alive for the sake of your government but forgotten later? What if your friends and your lover don't remember a thing? Oh, did I mention a war was still going on?
A/N: Sorry for the wait! Confusion is normal in this chapter. I also wrote a small onshot for JongKey in the story, like a prequel,  if anyone wishes to read.

Wake up!

 Huh? Minho?

 Taeminnie! Wake up! We have to go shopping, you promised!

 Key hyung too?

 Yo! Onew and me were going to practice, want to come? You have to wake up though.

 Jonghyun hyung, Onew hyung!

 The voices were blending together and were making no sense to me. Wake up? I tried to open my eyes at least but I couldn’t. My body felt too heavy, like someone put Kang Ho Dong on my body like at Star King. The voices grew louder until the yelling in my head was about to give me a headache. Then like someone turned it off like a switch, they were gone, and I reacted instantly, like someone had shocked me. My eyes flew open and I was startled by my new surroundings.

 I blinked slowly, making my blurred vision become clearer. The first thing I saw was a white ceiling. I let my gaze wander and I realized that everything was white or chrome in the room. Someone needed to hire a decorator. When my vision was restored to normal, sounds filtered in and I heard a low beeping sound. I turned my heart and caught sight of a heart monitor. The sight of that alone sent chills down my spine as I dared to look at my body.


 Tubes of various length and width connected me to something else. Probably to more machines that were keeping me alive or watching over me. I noticed that I was in a paper dress like the ones from a hospital and felt chilled to the bone. Taking a deep breath, I sat up slowing and turned my body to try and get out of the bed. I realized that wasn’t a good move as twenty or more tubes unhooked and pulled out of my body with the speed of light. I expected pain but none came. Curious, I looked down to my right wrist where the largest tube was but found no hole, no indication that it had been there.

 I realized that forcing myself to stand was a harder task. One, my legs were numb and two, I felt tired. I tried again with success and stood next to the chair that held my lingering warm. I wonder where I could exit the room and find someone. I mean, I had to be in a hospital of some kind.

 A small chrome table was near one of the walls and it held a few items. One was a clipboard. Making that my destination, I took my time, arms out for balance in case I would slip and fall- but nothing happen and I reached the object of question. I reached for it and picked it up, testing the weight in my hands. Was it supposed to feel like I was holding air?

 The white paper was written in both English and Hangul, though the former was used less. I spotted my name along with a picture beside it. It was old, from my debut days. I read the information, a frown forming on my lips with every passing second. Then I dropped the clipboard in shock as my mind tried to process what was on the paper.

 Date of Death: June 10th, 2010.
Cause: Drowning. Internal bleeding caused the lungs to fill with blood. Other injuries include a shattered ribcage, a broken collar bone, and multiple bruising. Overall damage to body: Minimal.

 I froze, tear coming to my eyes. I . . . died? It wasn’t true. It couldn’t be true! I was breathing and alive right now! I gripped my head, my body falling to the floor. All I remember was us five on stage, ready to sing then nothing but white. A voice whispered in my head, commanding me.

 Escape. Now.

 I glanced around, standing up quickly. The dress was annoying so I ripped it off, not caring about being naked. I’m sure someone had to see me nude if they helped me. I felt along the walls and past the same spot twice when I heard a click and the whoosh of air being released. I turned back to find a whole in the wall as the piece of the wall slid away. That was my need way out.

 I wonder where I am. This place is so fancy if it can do this.

 The thought fixed itself in my mind as I exited the white room. The small hallway was filled with scrub clothing, gloves, mask, and tool for surgery. Shivering at the sight of the sharp scalpels, I grabbed some of the doctor clothing and pulled it on before continuing on my way. The next door opened automatically too, once I stood in front of it.

 “Weird,” I commented, my voice cracking from lack of use.

 The area around me looked just like a hallway from a hospital. Doors were marked with a name and a number. The floor was tiled in funny patterns that never seem to repeat and the wall colors were neutral. I looked to my door as it closed and read the name and the number.

 “Lucifer 201233746.”

 I glanced around and saw each door, like mine, had that name and a number like it was a code for us. It just added more questions to my never ending list. I sighed and felt my bangs fall into my eyes. I brushed them back and realized how long my hair was. How long was I asleep? (I couldn’t accept that I ‘died’ and I probably would never.)

I need to find the main exit or someone who works here. Questions need answers and I better get them.

 My feet carried me away from my room as I wander the endless hallway. Near the end I heard voices behind me and I turned around, happy to hear peoples. Then I widen my eyes in fear as I ducked into a random room, peeking back at them.

 There were fifteen or so total, each covered in head-to-toe black clothing. They all carried large guns and it reminded me of SWAT or something. I smiled and guess they were looking for someone. They could help me! I slipped out from my hiding spot, putting a smile on as I waved to get their attention.

 The first one to notice me gripped his gun tighter and raised it at me, shouting to the others, “There he is! Get him!” The others react instantly and soon, I heard guns being fired.

 I took off, feeling heat blaze past me. Footsteps followed me and I slammed into a normal door, finding myself in a stairwell. I couldn’t process what was happening but I just did what instinct told me, run. I ran down the stairs, trying not to concentrate on the yelling, the guns, and the fear that took a permanent residence in my heart. At the end of the stairs I took the right door, not the left, and found myself in an entrance hall.

 Hide! Have to hide!

 The only place to try was a small room that looked it was for security; it had three desks chairs, computers, and screens everywhere. I ran inside and crawled under a desk, holding my breath as the footsteps were so close then stopped.

 “Where did that pest go?” The voice was angry but it also seemed afraid. I didn’t feel like I was threatening. To be honest I was scared to death, I mean, they had guns!

 “We’ll check around. You check out the cameras. Red Team, double back upstairs. Blue Team with me, we’ll check the rest of the lower floors.”

 I released my breath softly as I thought they all had left. Then the door to the room opened and I peeked out, spotting black boots. The boots came closer to the desk I was under and I held my breath, frozen. Then, the person started to kneel down. I prepared myself to try and throw a punch and escaped but when the person came into view, I couldn’t even try.

 The newcomer wasn’t with the armed men by the way he was dressed. Though it was in all black, I doubt the police-like men would wear skinny jeans and a tank-top with a leather jacket. I wish the stranger would remove the mask that cover the lover half of his face but I said nothing. What was stranger was his hair. It was like a flashback to earlier fashion era which one side of his head long and gelled upwards, the other side shaved and dyed platinum blond. I thought he was an anime character. Our eyes connected and he held my gaze until he did something odd, he smiled.

 It was all in the eyes, his glowed with warmth and he reached for me, hand held out lightly. I took it and he pulled me out and into a standing position.

“You have a name?” He asked me, pulling away and letting his eyes roam up and down my body. I tried not to blush as I kept my thoughts on the question.

 “What do you mean? The code? I can’t re-” I tried to explain, the numbers from moments earlier scrambled in my head. He cut me off with a quick laugh.

 “No, real name genius. Like the one you were born with- Get down!” He shouted and pushed me down with him as bullets were fired. I felt the windows of the room shattered and fall around us. The stranger clutched me tightly as he pull me up and pushed me behind, grabbing two guns that were position at his lower back from a holster that was around his waist. I gasped at the speed at which he fired them off.

 Seven men lay dead outside the room and he sighed.

“A waste of my bullets if they can’t fight back. Come on, I’ll take you somewhere safe.” He put on gun back and grabbed my hand once it was clipped in. I ripped my hand from his, anger pulsating in me.

 “What the hell was that? You just killed them and you don’t care? What are you?” I asked, stepping back as he came closer. He grabbed my shoulder and pointed the gun at me, its hot metal near my temple. No answer came as he looked into my eyes.

 “I’m complicated, like you. Now come with me and you will live. The others have orders to kill you because of what you are.”

 “And what am I?” I asked, throwing the question at him. He sighed and pulled away, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room. No answer came to me as he led me through hallways, gun poised and ready to shoot down anyone who was in his way. He acted like a mother one second then a stranger the next. God, it felt familiar.

 We stopped as we reached another door, this time double and large. He turned to face me before his eyes widen.

“I’m sorry,” He said, grabbing his other gun. I tensed up and was ready to run when a smack came to the side of my head and I hit the floor with a loud thud.

 The world faded to black as my ears were ringing from more gunshots. When I closed them, I saw the figure kneel down with someone else.

 What a way to wake up.



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very intresting and different... hmm 8o
i shall be waiting for your next chapter XD
this story seems kind of promising 83

Thank you for the star
I'll try to make the next chapter just as good!

So interesting ^o^
Update soon <3

Thanks for a Star!
I'll update soon!

Really, this is new.
Wow, like it! :d
Update soon, I'm too curious about Taemis identity.
And about what is going to happen after his wake up.
Seriously, update soon! ;)

I'll update as soon as I can.
Though questions won't be answered for a bit, 2Min will appear.
Thank you for the Star

This is amazing already. I love sci fi and to blend 2MIN with that? Genius. He doesn't remember Key? I'm assuming that's who the badass with the two guns is.

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